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Welcome to the Brooke Hill Academy Trust website. We are pleased to announce that we are able to offer additional places in our Pre-School setting from September 2017, under the 30 hour subsidy initiative. Please visit the Pre-School area of our website for more information on how to access your authorisation code.


Two weeks before the end of term we had some eggs delivered to school. Usually the eggs would need the mother hen to keep them warm for 21 days before they hatched, but these were ready to hatch in a few days time inside an incubator. It was very eggciting as we heard cheeping from inside the eggs and gradually the chicks began to hatch! Keep an eye on the photos to see how they grow.
Picture 1 Four weeks old
Picture 2 Four weeks old
Picture 3 Four weeks old
Picture 4 Their new home
Picture 5 Two weeks old
Picture 6 Two weeks old
Picture 7 Two weeks old
Picture 8 One day old
Picture 9 Out at last
Picture 10 Just hatching