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Welcome to the Brooke Hill Academy Trust website. We are pleased to announce that we are able to offer additional places in our Pre-School setting from September 2017, under the 30 hour subsidy initiative. Please visit the Pre-School area of our website for more information on how to access your authorisation code.

Lower Key Stage 2

Picture 1 building volcanoes
Picture 2 Volcanoes
Picture 3 Volcanoes
Picture 4 Science investigations
Picture 5 Science investigations
Picture 6 Gardening
Picture 7 Gardening
Picture 8 Olympic Mascots
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11 Olympic Mascots
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14 Olympic Mascots
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17 Olympic Mascots
Picture 18
Picture 19 Shadufs
Picture 20 Teddy Attack!!!
Picture 21 More Lovely Shadufs
Picture 22 Two Lovely Girls With Their Shaduf
Picture 23 Lovely Girls
Picture 24 This Class Loves Cuddles
Picture 25 More Cuddles From Mrs Rolison's Class
Picture 26 Tag Rugby
Picture 27 Aww All Snuggled Up
Picture 28 Epic Play
Picture 29 Nice Play There
Picture 30 Teamwork Activated
Picture 31 Sam and Jack Have Built Epic Pyramids
Picture 32 Nice Work
Picture 33 At the museum
Picture 34 Museum
Picture 35 NSPCC.
Picture 36 museum
Picture 37 shape picture
Picture 38 Dressing up
Picture 39 these are the houses
Picture 40 these are our house teams
Picture 41 NSPCC.
Picture 42 museum
Picture 43 Our beautiful garden
Picture 44 Our Green Green Allotment
Picture 45 our allotment
Picture 46 Our School Allotment
Picture 47 At the museum
Picture 48 Lego like the olympic rings
Picture 49 At the museum
Picture 50 preparing the oranges
Picture 51 the oranges
Picture 52 At the museum