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A senses rainforest poem by Abbie and Florence

I can see raindrops dripping as slow as turtles moving,
I can see slithering snakes and strong apes both looking for there prey!
I can see hungry giraffes having a bath in the dirty rainforest lake.

I can hear new born baby monkeys screeching for there food,
A big old hairy sloth in a great massive mood!!!
I can hear tweeting toucans talking to thier mates they were talking about how the rainforest should have gates!

I can taste the dusty air travelling to my mouth,
I think I can taste the salty water coming from the south.

I can smell the scent of smoke I think I might just choke!
I can smell the beautiful smell of the exotic flowers,
And the stinky, smelly, yucky smell of the trees as tall as towers!

It makes me feel like I am in the most magical, wonderful and amazing place in the whole entire world!
I felt like never going home whether it meant not seeing my family ever again.