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Welcome to Birch Class 


During Spring term 1, our theme will be 'Investigations'. 


We will be talking about the effect exercise and healthy eating has on our mind and body; and the importance of sleep. We will also be talking about the importance of teeth brushing; and investigating sugar and salt content of various food items. 

We will be learning to write a short sequence of instructions and recount of a recent event. We will be finding out what happens during Chinese New Year celebrations and making cards, weighing ingredients for cooking and trying different foods. 

We are also starting our mystery guest initiative so keep an eye out for who has visited Birch Class each week... 



Things to know... 

--> PE will be on a Wednesday (indoors) and Thursday (outdoors) with our focus being 'Ball skills'. Later in the Spring term, we will be welcoming Ineke to Birch Class, who will be delivering weekly balance bike sessions. 

-->Our enrichment activity is 'Welly Wednesday' and will be every other week- start date TBC. 


Spring Term 1 topic letter

Week commencing 23rd January: Our first 'Mystery Guest' and Chinese New Year

Week commencing 16th January

Week commencing 9th January

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Autumn Term 2: Celebrations- Inter Faith Week & Hanukkah

Autumn Term 2: Our mystery guest... 


Birch Class participated in a firework colouring competition hosted by Tixover Care Home. Oliver's nanny presented certificates and a book for our winning entries and everyone received a generous gesture of thanks for their contribution to the competition. The children were all very excited and congratulated one another with kindness. Well done, Birch Class! 

Autumn Term 2: Number Confidence Week!

Autumn Term 2: This week we have been learning about Diwali.

Slides from our Reception Phonics Evening 15.09.2022

What is Class Dojo? How is it used? 

Class Dojo is used across school as a positive reward system. Currently, every child in Birch class has an ‘egg’ and they are eagerly waiting these to hatch to find out what sort of monster (avatar) they have. The way in which points are given are set up as pictures, for example a dinosaur dojo, superstar dojo etc. Children earn these points or ‘dojos’ in various ways, for example- using manners unprompted, helping a friend, holding a door open, showing compassion/kindness and ‘having a go’. Every time a dojo is added, it creates a running total inside a green circle beside their egg/avatar. We leave the dojo system open on the interactive board when not in use, so children can add their own dojos as rewarded by an adult. Any adult in school can gift dojos to children and we have many conversations about the importance of being honest and only putting dojos on when they have been genuinely awarded. If your child went to our pre-school, they may already be familiar with Class Dojo.

Quote from a parent... 


"It’s like reclaiming childhood. I like the real things...there's no unnecessary plastic and just seems to allow more imagination and creativity"

Autumn term 1, Week 5: Shapes!

Autumn Term 1, Week 4

This week, we have been learning about the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah

Autumn term 1, Week 3

Autumn term 1, Week 2:

Autumn Term 1: When we were asked what our favourite part of the day was...

Autumn Term 1: A sneaky peek at our environment and invitations to play...