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Year 6 Maths - APV - Same shape Day 1

Topic - Monday 1st March

You're asked to create a timeline in this video. Your timeline should start with when he was born and finish with the date he died, but in fact, a key discovery associated with him (which you will learn in the video) occurred a long time after his death and should be the last date on the timeline!

World Book Day - differentiated reading comprehension with answers. 1 star = easiest out of the options available, 2 stars = a little bit more tricky, 3 stars = the most tricky out of the three options available.


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World Book Day - underneath the Learning Grid this week, you will find exciting World Book Day related activities being added over the course of the next five days, we hope you have lots of fun with them, and please do remember to share what you've been doing with us on Seesaw. smiley