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Parents evening dates are Tuesday 15th and Thursday 17th of October and our school Open Days are on Thursday 7th of November and Tuesday the 19th November.

Poems by Harry, Callum, Max, Hannah and Andrew

I can see tweeting toucans soaring throught the beautiful canopy.
I can see jaguars crouching on the trees as thin as pencils.
I can see slimy snakes slithering slowly around the branches.
I can hear the distant crashing waterfall
like beast pouncing towards me.
lemurs are tapping on trees like a rapid low constant drum beat.
The trees are whispering all around me like angels in the sky.
I can the taste the salt in the watery breeze and the crunching bubbles.
The scent of the sleepy sloth lingers in the humid, hot air
I can smell the metalic blood of a magnificent dead jaguar.

By Harry, Callum, Max, Hannah and Andrew