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Rainforest Poems

Over the past few days children in year 5/6 have ben looking at rainforest poems and Mrs Brown's class recently wrote some of their own. This poem is by Arthur, Isabel, Lottie, Luke and Sam.

I can see spotty, slithering snakes,
Lurking in the trees.
Slow, lolloping sloths wing from branch to branch.
Dawdle, dawdle.
Beautifully patterned leopards,
Pouncing over the grass, as sharp as swords.
Scampering ants sprint over the
Wrinkly skin of the ageing trees.

Yelps of birds echo around the
Deep, dark rainforest, rainforest, rainforest.
I can hear splashing water from the
Crystal, sapphire blue waterfall,
Falling with as much force as a jetwash.

Lions roar as loud as thunder,
Protecting precious baby cubs.
Tribal tones can be heard echoing
In the distance, along the misty canopy.

I can taste the dangerous sensation
Of the poisonous sap.
Drip, drip.
I can smell and taste the salty air
Swirling, swooping.
I, the leopard, can smell the humans
Approaching. Danger, danger!

The rainforest makes my spine tingle.
I feel apprehensive.
My heart is pounding as fast as a tornado.
I feel small, claustrophobic.
Help me, help me...