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Open Sessions for Reception 2023. Come and see our fantastic school! 4th October 9.15-11am - Open Morning , 17th November 1.30-3pm, Open afternoon, 22nd November 6pm – Meet the Early years team

Reception/Year 1

Curriculum Flyer and information

Class Dojo- What is it? 


Class Dojo is used across school as a positive reward system. Every child in Willow Class has an avatar in the form of a monster. Children earn these points or ‘dojos’ in various ways, for example- using manners unprompted, helping a friend, holding a door open, showing compassion/kindness and ‘having a go’. Every time a dojo is added, it creates a running total inside a green circle beside their egg/avatar. We leave the dojo system open on the interactive board when not in use, so children can add their own dojos as rewarded by an adult. Any adult in school can gift dojos to children and we have many conversations about the importance of being honest and only putting dojos on when they have been genuinely awarded. 

Reception Phonics information evening 15.9.22


Welcome to Willow Class 


During Autumn term 1 our theme is ‘All about me’. We will be talking about ourselves, our school & school values. Later in the term we will also be talking about our families, our emotions; and learning how we are the same and different from others as well as looking at our bodies and how we can keep healthy.



Things to know... 


PE will be on a Tuesday and Wednesday. One of these sessions will be led by Mrs Sayers, our sports coach. Our enrichment activity this term will be PE games & activities. 

Our learning

Autumn Term 1: A sneaky peek at our environment and invitations to play...

Year 1


Welcome to Willow class with Miss Deane and Miss Bangs. We love to be creative and have lots of fun with our learning!


Things to know:


Tuesday - Outdoor PE

Wednesday- Indoor PE




Year 1 Phonics Information Evening (8/9/22) link below:

What have we been learning?