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Your teacher is Miss Deane and your TA is Miss Bangs.


In Literacy this term, we will be focusing on London and the Coronation. We have received a letter from King Charles III asking us to make him a new crown. We will design and make our own crown and then write a set of instructions to tell the King how he can make his own. We will also write a letter to send to the King alongside his instructions for his new crown! We are also going to read Paddington, and write a recount from Paddington to Aunt Lucy to tell her all about his trip to London. Then in the final weeks of the term, we will look at non-chronological report writing!



In Maths we are starting off by introducing the basis of multiplication and division, by looking a equal and unequal grouping and then putting numbers into arrays. We are then going to begin looking at fractions and finding fractions of shapes and numbers. Next we will look at turns-what is a half turn and a full turn?



Our science this term is focusing on plants and other living things. We will look closely at what living things need to survive and what can happen if they don't get that!



Our history is focussing on our topic 'Looking back at London'. We are going to be looking at the Plague, and how it affected Britain. 



Following our topic further, we are looking into locating London on a map (of the UK and of the world) and looking at the famous landmarks in London. We will also look at the physical features of London as well!



In DT we are going to be making structures. We will look at that makes a 'stable' structure and then plan and make our own Elizabeth tower, using our knowledge of stability.

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