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Rowan year 4 group

Week 1

We have had a great first week at forest schools. We started by playing the boundary game and challenged our selves to make the tallest stick tower. There was a lot of great team work and great individual performances. We also took the chance to explore the woodlands - building dens, climbing trees and playing games. 


Week 2 

A rather wet session, but that didn't stop us and the children took the chance to enjoy the mud. The children continued to explore, play with the mud kitchen and discover some of the local residents. There was also the opportunity to create their own nature name necklace, using a hand drill to create the hole to make it into a necklace (to be continued next week).  

Week 3

Today it felt like we had gone back to summer. The sun was out and shining through the beautiful trees. The children enjoyed a game of Eagle eye, as well as the rope swing, rope bridge and climbing trees. They also continued to create their nature name necklaces and used the sticks around us and wool to create some beautiful butterflies. Because it was such a lovely afternoon we ended with a 'sit spot', where the children found somewhere comfortable to sit, lay, balance, and loose themselves listening to the sounds around them.