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Spindle class sessions



The year 4 children in spindle class are taking part in forest school sessions this term. Here is what we have been up to in the woods...

Week 1


We had a brilliant first week in the woods! At the beginning of our session, we met the GUARDIAN TREE who protects our woodland area. We played games to help us get used to the woodland area and understand the boundaries. We enjoyed creating spaghetti meatballs and chocolate cake in the mud play area. There was lots of tree climbing and exploring too.

Week 2


We continued to explore the woodland area during our week 2 session. Some of us learnt a new skill of sawing wood to create a name badge. We also created a rope bridge and used our balancing skills to get all the way across.

Week 3


We had a wonderful session in the woods this week. Some of us used the palm drill to create a hole on our name disc, so we could turn it into a bracelet. We continued to explore the nature around us by climbing trees, using sticks to be creative and forming potions in the mud kitchen.

Week 4


The weather was a bit different this week at forest school as it was very damp and windy... this didn't stop us from having heaps of fun though! We found a special letter from the forest fairies asking us to build them some furniture. We used clay to create tree spirits and used the clay alongside some wool to get creative! Of course we played lots of games too.

We used 'go find it' cards to explore the woodland. Each group was given a card with an adjective on it and they had to go and explore the woodland to find something that matched their adjective! We found things that were slimy, strange, squidgy, crinkly, pointy and twisty!

Week 5


This week in the woodland, we found another note from the forest fairies asking us to create some magic wands for them! We also put up a rope swing and had lots of fun swinging through the trees. We found some nature riddles in the trees and tried our best to solve them using the clues. A few more of us finished our nature name badges and turned them into necklaces too. We can't wait for our final week of forest school next week!

Week 6


We really enjoyed our final forest school session of the term. We enjoyed the rope swing and rope bridge for the final time. Some of us took part in the craft of 'hapa zoming' using material and natural items such as berries and leaves. At the end of the session, played one of our favourite games 'eagle eyes' and we sang a goodbye song to the guardian tree.