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Spindle year 3 group

The children in year 3 Spindle class have had a great time in our forest school sessions. We have explored the woodlands, looking out for signs of Spring and getting to know our forest school area. We've also been on treasure hunts using our 'Go find me cards', trying to find woodland objects that match our cards. e.g. squidgy, tall, old, slimy. The children had great fun guessing other teams words from their objects. 

In our sessions we have also climbed lots and lots of tress, learning about what a safe climbing tree looks like, how we climb safely and what an amazing, relaxing place sitting in a tree can be. Some of the children have spent most of their sessions relaxing and enjoying the surrounding from the comfort of the trees. 

There has also been a lot of den building and role playing, working together to build some amazing dens and then using them in their games. 

The children have truly embraced the woodlands.