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The Garden Project

Welcome to Brooke Hill's school garden project



Exciting news! The school garden project is being relaunched! We will keep you updated on the progress of the project via this blog. More information will be added shortly... 

Mrs Redshaw and her team of keen year 6's have made excellent progress in clearing the flower beds, turning the soil and removing any last traces of weeds. Check out the before and after pictures! 





Our year 6 pupils have been busy again, this time clearing the weeds off the vegetable bed. 


Mr Smith has also been busy repurposing wood to create a much larger raised vegetable bed over the original one. Amazing work! You may have also noticed the tyres have been repurposed and attached to the fence- we are hoping this will become a 'bug hotel' and that our year 1 pupils will be able to help with this. 





Some new additions to the garden..

A beautiful donation received this week.. link to their Facebook page can be found on our social media page.