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Desert animals


LO: To know the features of the desert  

LO: To find out about what makes desert animals so well adapted to their habitat  


What do you need to do?


1.  Watch the David Attenborough Our Planet – Desert video and be inspired.


2.  Complete the Oak Academy session on 'What lives in a desert habitat? 

You do not need to do the introductory quiz as this is based on a topic we have not covered.  Click next and it will move you through to the next section.  


3.  Read the fact files on 'hot desert animals'.  Choose one of these to write about, or go and research another animal that lives in a hot desert and find out why it is suited to live there.  


4.  START DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD ANIMAL HABITATS - watch Miss Pick's video to see how.

  • Do title across whole double page spread.  

  • Children to split their page into 4 sections 

  • First section – Title - Desert Animal 

  • Draw an animal which lives in this habitat and write a few sentences about how it lives in this environment. 

Each week this will be added to with different habitats.  A few sentences per habitat with each picture. 


5.  Plenary - Enjoy the story 'Meerkat Mail'.



Planet Earth 05 Deserts Part 01

Watch and become inspired about deserts by David Attenborough.

Hot Desert Animal Fact Files

Topic - desert - how to layout your double page spread work :)

Meerkat Mail, Emily Gravett

Read by Miss Harris