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Upper Key Stage 2 Curriculum

In Years 5 and 6 the children study these areas:-

The Tudors
The Environment
Earth and Beyond
Ancient Greece
World War 2
Plants and Habitats

As in Key Stage 1 as many subjects as possible are incorporated under the project headings, and themed days continue to be organised.

The children have daily Literacy and Numeracy hours. Literacy is delivered within class groups but we have ability groups for Numeracy based on previous year’s scores and teacher assessment. This works very well for us and we have sustained high standards over a period of time.

Throughout the Key Stage the children have specific spelling lessons for which they are ability grouped.

All classes have at least two sessions a week in the ICT suite and access to the laptop computers. There are 2 PE sessions a week and swimming lessons every other half term dependent on the year group.Our RE follows the Northamptonshire Syllabus and as well as weekly sessions will also be taught in blocks depending on the topic being studied and how RE fits into the topic.Music sessions and also designated “Circle Time” which gives the children an opportunity to work through any areas of concern or worry to them or to look at current events and initiatives.

Peripatetic Music teachers visit the school and children can elect to have lessons with them for which a charge is made.

We are just beginning to work towards the implementation of Modern Foreign Languages throughout Key Stage 2 for September 2006 and have a lunchtime French Club run by an outside agency for which a small charge is made.

We have negotiated statements in place relating to Bullying, Rights and Responsibilities and Anti-Discrimination. These are arrived at after discussion with the children and are reviewed every year. We also have Friendship Monitors to support children on the playground and a Games Squad of older children who are trained to play with the younger ones at lunchtime play. Additionally we have a very active school council with representation from Y2 to Y6.