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10th March - School will be closed today due to the weather conditions and for the safety all staff and children.

Week 1

Phonics Day 3

In this video I am focusing on our tricky words!

Tricky words

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

Maths Day3 Number Bonds to 5 - Sharing bird cakes

Topic Day 3 - 08.01.21

Phonics Day 2!

Topic - Day 2 07.01.21

IMG 2809 Reception Mathematics Day2 - Number Bonds to 5 with buttons and crackers!

Topic Day 1 - 06/01/21

Phonics Day 1 6/1/21

Still image for this video
Our first phonics session- a recap of our phase 2 sounds.

IMG 2805 1 Reception Maths Day1

Reception Mathematics Day1 Number bonds to 5